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Rinse and Repeat

A page for Caroline Dahllof


I am a product leader, technologist, and artist.

My ability to think outside the box has enabled me to make unexpected connections and quickly identify patterns across disciplines. This unique perspective has driven innovation in diverse fields. For instance, I created Oscar-nominated visual effects in the visual effects industry, led business transformations at drone, networking, and non-profit organizations, and developed advanced AI solutions at startups and enterprises.

My educational background in business and computer science equips me with a structured, data-driven approach to problem-solving. This expertise has allowed me to iterate rapidly, scale solutions, and build large systems efficiently. For example, when I migrated every customer segment of a commercial drone startup to a new technical stack. I took a data-driven approach, exceeding customer expectations, saving customers time, and increasing their operational flexibility.

Growing up in Sweden, Spain, and the US, I developed strong interpersonal skills and a knack for fostering collaboration. These abilities were crucial when I spearheaded data democratization at a 2000-person company where I worked to establish collaborations across and up and down the organization, achieving a 600% increase in data insight in 24 mos.

My career is a testament to the power of combining technical expertise with creative vision and a user-focused mindset. Whether developing the most accurate drone solution for the mining industry, empowering entrepreneurs as a non-profit board member, or creating ‘Raven’—an AI speech coach to support my son’s dyslexia—I am driven by a deep desire to use technology for good.

Current Work


My most recent endeavor has been deeply personal – developing an AI companion app to support my son, who also has dyslexia, to enhance his expressive language skills. Witnessing the sheer delight on his face as the AI assistant, affectionately named Raven, addressed him by name and engaged him in conversation about his interests was a profoundly rewarding moment. This experience reinforced my belief in the transformative potential of artificial intelligence when applied thoughtfully to real-world challenges.

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Past Work (not yet complete)


During my tenure at a leading networking company, I recognized a significant obstacle – while employees were eager to leverage data, they often found it challenging to use and trust the data. This realization sparked the data governance initiative, a mission to ensure the right people had access to easy-to-use and trusted data.

Adopting a data-driven approach, we developed robust frameworks to measure progress, set targets, prioritize initiatives, and quantify returns on investment. Despite limited resources, this focused strategy allowed us to drive substantial impact, laying the foundation for data democratization, data privacy, and responsible AI practices within the organization.


In 2018, I spearheaded a significant transformation at a commercial drone company, pivoting its focus from hardware to software. This strategic shift involved migrating every customer segment to a new technical stack, a decision that reshaped our operations and product offerings.

Embracing the challenges of adopting a third-party drone platform, we questioned past product decisions and values, ultimately developing new offerings and features that saved customers time and increased their operational flexibility. By creating clear measurement standards and adopting data-driven development, we delivered the most accurate solution for the mining segment, solidifying our position as industry leaders.


Well before the current ubiquity of smartphones and mobile apps, my colleague from Brown University and I recognized an untapped opportunity. In 2009, we created interactive storybook apps featuring the adventures of Madera Monkey and Figaro Frog, two friends who used their extraordinary abilities to help others and make a positive impact.

We handled every aspect of the production process, from writing and illustrating the stories to developing the apps, user testing, and marketing the final products. Our efforts paid off. Our two apps, available on both iOS and Android, became top-selling titles in their category. The second app achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming the second-highest-selling book app, surpassed only by the Bible.


Before my MBA, I worked for a leading visual effects company, where I focused on creating groundbreaking water, smoke, or fire effects that defied the limitations of existing software. My work involved developing creative solutions to complex technical and visual problems to create main effects for major movies. Often, it required closely collaborating with the software research team to develop new capabilities to achieve larger-than-life effects.

This highly technical and visually challenging work required me to write scripts to manipulate simulations or 3D data and run multi-variant fluid and particle simulations to achieve the desired motion and aesthetic. I later transitioned into managing teams of technical creatives, gaining valuable experience in building effective teams in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment.

Fluid dynamic visual effects work for Happy Feet and Superman Returns.

3D simulated fire using fluid dynamics and voxel rendering.

Personal Interests


A series I painted while living in Oslo depicts the social ritual of sharing a moment and a meal.

My paintings often featured female subjects depicted in vibrant, bold colors. 


As a board member and founding team member of the Wharton Alumnae Founders and Funders Association (WAFFA), I am dedicated to accelerating the success of Wharton and Penn alumnae in the start-up ecosystem. WAFFA was born out of a concerning realization – despite attending prestigious institutions with powerful alumni networks, women founders and investors were not benefitting from those networks to the same degree as their male counterparts.

Through WAFFA, we harness the power of our network to educate, support, and foster connections for alumnae in the start-up community, building an ecosystem that fosters growth and accelerates access to confidence and capital for women-led businesses.


My athletic pursuits have taken me from the crew team in college to completing half marathons and Olympic distance triathlons. As a former member of one of Southern California and Nevada’s top semi-pro cycling racing teams, I learned the invaluable lessons of teamwork, sacrifice, and operating with solid principles to achieve collective success – lessons that have informed my approach to building effective and happy teams in my professional life.

Today, I continue to promote an active lifestyle within my community as a member of my son’s bike bus to school, advocating for sustainable transportation and instilling in the next generation the joy of movement and exploration.